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Fuel Borne Catalyst: To me it was just another chemical and the world is full of chemicals that promise to do everything.  I was to the point if it didn’t say Lucas Oil on the container, I paid no attention to it. I personally know Forrest Lucas, I’ve spent time with him at his plants, I use his products,  and sell them at our shop. It was hard for me to accept another chemical at Pittsburgh Power, however, we tested Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst in April of 2018 for two days on the dyno utilizing emissions testing equipment and...

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Welcome owner operators and students! I have never started an article like this, but I was recently informed that some vocational schools are now using these articles to teach their students my way of building diesel engines, which is very flattering. I guess I better clean up my act, so I don’t pollute the young minds reading these words of wisdom. The first two paragraphs of this article were written by our lead Electrical Engineer Ethan, and they pertain to the emissions systems used on the Detroit DD15 and DD13 exhaust systems, which are commonly referred to as “One Box”...

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Many of us who have been in the trucking industry all our lives, and even some younger people, have a fascination for antique trucks.  There’s something special about the rebuilding of “Old Iron,” a Class 8 truck from the mid 1970’s and older. This article will be about a commonly overlooked  problem when installing a newer diesel engine into an older truck. Please keep in mind that the older low horsepower and smaller cubic inch engines do not require a lot of fresh air measured in CFM (cubic feet of air per minute).  The small cam Cummins engines that were...

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