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Injector cups, tips, sleeves, and tubes; there is some confusion in the industry about what these parts do and where they are. Injector cups are mounted on the injector. It is where the injector plunger compresses the fuel and injects it into the combustion chamber.  The cup, sometimes called the tip, is at the bottom of the injector and has the small holes, about .008 diameter, and atomizes the fuel and works in conjunction with the plunger.  Years ago when building the injectors for the Big Cam Cummins engines we would lap the plunger into the cup so when the...

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2020, Big Cam Cummins, Gauges -

Several years ago we thought the mechanical Big Cam Cummins and 425B Caterpillar engines would be gone by now, but they are not.  In fact, as of this writing we have six Big Cam Cummins engines being built by their owners. We are supplying the parts, specs, and knowledge for the clients to perform the build.  These are all performance engines and we have all the parts in stock.  We have the largest inventory of Big Cam Cummins parts in North America and Pat Sharp, Pete’s twin brother, is still rebuilding the fuel pumps, injectors, turbochargers, accessory drive assemblies, and...

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