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 HIGH PERFORMANCE DIESELS We love antique trucks. Everyday we get phone calls from owner operators rebuilding older trucks powered by Big Cam Cummins and 425-B Caterpillar Engines.  I am happy to tell you that our mechanic Dan is a 425-B Cat expert not only on the engine but the fuel system as well. He tells me he can rebuild the fuel pumps blindfolded. Fortunately, 425-B Cat parts are still available and we build 30% larger nozzles and high-performance turbochargers for this great engine along with rebuilding the timing advance and fuel pump governors. Please keep in mind that the timing...

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Many owner-operators ask us about the difference between a damper and balancer, do they need one or both, and what is the purpose? Let’s start with the Torsional Viscous Damper and why you should replace it every half a million miles. Every semi-truck engine is equipped with a torsional damper from new. It’s a heavy circular object that sits on the end of the crankshaft externally from the engine. It’s job is to dampen vibrations coming from the crankshaft. This is an important job because your crankshaft deals with a lot of vibration which overtime can weaken the metal and...

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