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Are you running Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst in your diesel fuel and your Harley Davidson?  If not, you are not doing justice for your engine.  The catalyst will burn 60% or more of the soot and carbon in the combustion chamber and it ignites diesel fuel 33% faster than diesel fuel alone.  Webasto and Espar cab heaters will not have to be cleaned because there will be no soot in the firing chamber. If you work on your truck and must change the exhaust pipes, guess what, you will not get dirty because there is no soot in the...

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2019, Catalyst, DD15, Detroit, Emissions, Rebuild -

What is a blown-up engine?  Many times, we get phone calls from owner-operators and they say, “I blew up my engine.”  After a few questions we find out that they scored a liner, blew a hole through a piston, or blew a head gasket.  The term blew up my engine is a harsh term and immediately we think that you broke a connecting rod and now have a large hole in the side of your engine.  Always try to be a little more specific and say exactly what happened to your engine, it will allow us to better help you....

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Rebuilding An Engine & More BY BRUCE C. MALLINSON The Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY is now behind us. The weather was terrible, with snow, rain and cold temperatures, but that did not stop the owner operators and company drivers that were outside with their rigs from putting on a great show. The show trucks were beautiful – every year they just get better. It makes me proud that I have spent my entire adult career in the trucking industry. During the early 1970s I was a judge for ISCA (International Show Car Association) out of St. Clair Shores, Michigan,...

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