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HIGH PERFORMANCE DIESELS Auxiliary coolant tanks, we have talked about this several times on the radio show. It’s a cooling solution only to be used when a larger radiator is not available.  I invented this system back in the early 1990’s for the Big Cam 4 low flow cooling engines.  We have used it several times on motorhomes and other trucks with poorly engineered radiator systems.  It’s quite simple, you purchase a small air tank for a semi truck and mount it in the frame rail near the transmission.  Locate the pipe plugs in the coolant system of the block...

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Did you ever think the word MAINTAIN would be so important in your life?  Think about everything you must or should maintain during your lifetime. Your body and health may come to mind, after all, if you’re not healthy how can you perform up to your expectations each and every day? As you read on you will see that your very existence is quite important to a lot of people; you are a very important person. Your truck is a precious vehicle that makes your and your family’s life possible. You and the truck have to make the truck, trailer,...

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        One amazing aspect of the diesel engine business is you never know what is coming through the door, or what the cat dragged in.  When you have the attitude, anything is possible. People with trucks and diesel-powered equipment know that you must be ready to accept the challenge. This week in the shop we have a Caterpillar C-32 V-12 equipped power washer.  This machine can pulverize concrete up to 18 inches thick using high pressure water. The reason the machine is in our shop is for vibrations. The V-12 Cat engine is solid mounted along with the water pump, which...

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