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I developed Pittsburgh Power around a culture of knowledge and innovation – I wanted to be the go-to resource in the field of high-performance diesels. And, after all these years, I can safely say that desire was fulfilled. One of our most valued resources here at Pittsburgh Power is our knowledge of high-performance diesel parts. In fact, our Parts Department staff deserve far more credit for their astonishing level of expertise, so I’d like to give them some. Our Parts Department has grown tremendously, and it would not have been possible without our two parts managers, Shawn Mangol (see photo) and Don...

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Modern Miracles   BY  BRUCE C. MALLINSON Chemical Engineering has come a long way during my working career. Back in the 1950s, anything made of plastic was usually of very poor quality. We only had black electrical tape, masking tape and scotch tape. Silicone sealants were almost nonexistent. Whoever thought there would be double-faced tapes that could hold panels on trucks and trailers without rivets and screws by the late 1990s, let alone what we have today in chemicals and plastics. The Cummins Engine Company came out with a chemical that would eat the carbon off an injector plunger while...

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