A Tale of Two Petes

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A Tale of Two Petes

Fuel Borne Catalyst: To me it was just another chemical and the world is full of chemicals that promise to do everything.  I was to the point if it didn’t say Lucas Oil on the container, I paid no attention to it. I personally know Forrest Lucas, I’ve spent time with him at his plants, I use his products,  and sell them at our shop. It was hard for me to accept another chemical at Pittsburgh Power, however, we tested Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst in April of 2018 for two days on the dyno utilizing emissions testing equipment and fuel mileage analyzers.  I met Jane Gates, the PHD chemist behind this product at the Louisville Truck Show in March of 2018, one year and seven months ago. Ethan, our lead electrical engineer oversaw the dyno, emissions, and fuel mileage testing and after two days came to me and said we gained 14% on fuel mileage and a 30% decrease in NOX.  I said that was too good to be true, so I gave our guinea pig Rick Loates a gallon of the Max Mileage Catalyst to take with him and continue to treat his fuel. Week after week Rick would call and tell us the 14% increase in fuel mileage is holding steady, the use of DEF has decreased by 30% and there are fewer DPF regens.  Another thing he mentioned was a lot less soot in the Dorothy, our soot separator. The catalyst buns 60% more of the soot and carbon in the combustion so there is much less for the Dorothy to collect. For the next 11 months Rick continued to use the catalyst in his fuel with the ISX- X-15 Cummins in his W900-L. Pittsburgh Power always tests products with owner-operators to get true real-world results. We then set up another five owner-operators with the catalyst.  As the weeks go by, we received many great results. Less regens, less DEF consumption, engines run quieter, start better, stacks staying cleaner on non DPF trucks, and the torque increases. Now I’m starting to take interest in this chemical and ask Jane Gates to join us in our booth at Louisville this year (2019) to talk to more owner-operators about the Max Mileage catalyst. We brought 12 gallons of the catalyst to the show and it sold quickly. Several of the owner-operators that have been using the catalyst for the past several months told me I need to promote this great chemical.  So right after the Louisville Show I talked about it on Kevin Rutherford’s radio show during the Power Hour. WOW, the phone started ringing and the sales started to soar within the next month. We were selling so much catalyst that we had to purchase 275-gallon totes and a bottling machine and do the bottling right at Pittsburgh Power. I have been in the trucking industry for 51 years, building diesel engines for the past 42 years and I have never seen a product like this. And it does wonders for gasoline engines as well. Put the Max Mileage in a Harley Davidson motorcycle and you can lug the engine to 1200 RPM and it will still accelerate and gain 7 miles per gallon.  1 cc per gallon for gasoline.

Now it’s time to tell you a story of an owner-operator couple Patricia and Thomas Diak from Osgood, Ontario, Canada.  The story is called “A Tale of Two Petes” 

June 2001: Our 1975 Western Star is parked for the last time as the new shiny 2001 Peterbilt 357 Dump rolled proudly into the yard.  The CAT C-15 engine purred like a kitten for six years without any major repairs. She is the pride of my husband, Thomas, and the envy of most of his friends and colleagues. Everyone says it is one of the nicest Petes in our area and she draws attention everywhere she goes.

January 2007: Disaster strikes as the alarm company calls telling us there is a fire in our 60x40 shop. Thomas ran to see the fire as I call 911 hoping the firefighters will arrive in time. The shop is black and it is hard to determine what is on fire. As the doors open the Pete erupts in flames. I quickly retrieve the backhoe from another building and with me driving and Thomas attaching a chain to the front of the burning truck we drag it out of the shop to die in the great outdoors where she was meant to be. We watched as the last of the flames were extinguished by the mostly friend based volunteer fire department. The shop sustained fifty thousand in damage while the truck was gone with the exception of the just rebuilt hoist and box. 

March 2007: A new Peterbilt is ordered with another CAT C-15.  We await its arrival with hope for a new and better beginning.   As the arrival date approaches we get a call indicating CAT engines will not be available and the Cummins ISX is our only alternative to get the truck in time for the start of the season in June. Thomas reluctantly agrees to the change.

June 2007: The new 2008 truck arrives with the sense of loss still fresh but she looks beautiful and has all the options we missed the first time around. It also came with a few options that we didn’t ask for like the DPF filter and the new electronic everything.  She also carries the box of the 2001 truck as part of the past adds to the future. If you have ever lost a truck you love, the replacement might not always live up to expectations. The new truck was nice, but never ran like the old one. The new emissions equipment and the Ontario castration rule of 105KM per hour made the new truck a little disappointing.  At 300,000 kms we had to replace a turbo and rebuild the top end of the engine. A valve broke causing multiple issues. $35000 in repairs later and she still seems tired and has constant electrical issues. The hood mirrors constantly shake at an idle and so too does the driver.

July 2019: After listening to Bruce of Pittsburgh Power talk about a new fuel catalyst we order a bottle through the website.  When it arrives the Max Mileage is carefully measured and poured into our tank in the yard. Two weeks go by and nothing is really noticeable, three weeks the same.  As week four and five come and go small changes start to become apparent…Is it possible that the ISX could be running like it should?

Week 6, Thomas comes to me and states that the truck he hated to drive is now tolerable. High praise coming from Thomas. In the weeks since the mirrors on the hood stopped shaking and the old girl has more “get up and go” than it ever had. Thomas is convinced that if he had been using the Max Mileage product from the start, he would not have had any issue with the Turbo, and possibly avoided the engine failure. If it would only work on electrical problems, we’ll need Bruce’s help with that. 

Now we are in week 10 and the truck is now a pleasure to drive and Thomas loves the new and improved version of the ISX. We now have a happy truck and a happy owner.

Once I was convinced that this product actually worked as advertised, Thomas asked if I would be willing to become a distributor. After reviewing the product information, visiting the Pittsburgh Power facility and speaking with the chemist (Jane Gates) who formulated the product  I signed on board as the first Canadian distributor.

September 2019: I am working every day to spread the word about this incredible product and it is flying off the shelf to many satisfied customers.  Cleaner, smoother running, and less repair costs, with an added bonus of better fuel economy. What could be better? I encourage every owner-operator and small fleet operators to try this product. You will not regret it.

Patricia Diak, Osgood Ontario, Canada.  613-808-1957

When Patricia and Thomas visited with me in my office we talked about a lot of things, she is very intelligent when it comes to all types of chemicals.  But I must tell you she loves to ride her Harley-Davidson. In fact, she will leave her Florida home during the winter and take a Harley ride by herself to Santa Fe New Mexico.  She loves to ride 16 hours a day in the seat of a Harley. I don’t know very many men that can keep up with this special lady!

Written by; Bruce Mallinson

“A Tale of Two Petes” by Patricia Diak

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