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The trucking industry says that the truck driver is responsible for about 33% of a rig’s fuel mileage. I disagree – I think the driver is responsible for about 66% of the fuel mileage! Now, let me explain why I feel that way. As many of you know, we at Pittsburgh Power have been specializing in building high-performance diesel engines for 42 years, and the emphasis has always been on the performance, longevity and, for many years now, fuel mileage. We have many “performance” parts that equate to fuel mileage if properly driven. You can have us install these specialty...

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HIGH PERFORMANCE DIESELS Be careful squeezing the nickel when it comes to preventative maintenance on the truck that makes your living possible and supplies your family with a car, food, and a roof over their heads.  What is the most important item in your life? This torsional damper which we removed from an ISX has 680,000 miles on it. The silicone fluid has been hard for quite some time negating the purpose of the damper, to remove torsional vibrations. The following is a list of what fails when the torsional damper has outlived its useful life: broken crankshafts, broken camshafts,...

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