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Even though the Detroit Diesel Series 60 was discontinued in 2011, it’s still one of the most common engines for Class 8 trucks. Some may not know about the fascinating story behind these engines. At the onset of WWII General Motors created the GM Diesel Division in 1938 to build engines that would support the war effort. Their first engine, the Series 71 2-stroke engine was used in tanks, generators, and construction equipment during the Second World War. After the war, Detroit kept producing the Series 71 along with the new Series 53 for on highway use. Detroit’s engines were...

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What is a blown-up engine?  Many times, we get phone calls from owner-operators and they say, “I blew up my engine.”  After a few questions we find out that they scored a liner, blew a hole through a piston, or blew a head gasket.  The term blew up my engine is a harsh term and immediately we think that you broke a connecting rod and now have a large hole in the side of your engine.  Always try to be a little more specific and say exactly what happened to your engine, it will allow us to better help you....

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