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  Cab Corrosion: it’s winter again and our part of the country has seen no shortage of snow so far this year. When the season is over, we often find lasting damage in the form of corrosion on the cab floor of many trucks. Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are great at melting ice, but as you know they accelerate corrosion too. We’ve seen them rust both from the underside with salt spray, and from the top down with the salt that you track in on your shoes. Oftentimes mud, dirt, and other road debris combine with the salt and...

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2021, Big Cam Cummins, DD15 -

High performance trucks are a keepsake! Chuck Carlson of Western PA owns this beautiful 4300 IHC originally powered with a Big Cam III 400 horsepower Cummins engine. Once it was time for an in-chassis rebuild he brought it to our shop for an ultra high horsepower rebuild back in the late 1980’s. After disassembling the deck surface was cleaned, inspected for cracks, upper counter bores miked for liner protrusion and concentricity, and upper counter bores machines for .020 liner shims. We then installed new cam bearings, a high lift camshaft, and timed to a retarded setting. Always retard timing when...

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Unusual phone calls from unusual people, or should I say unique people.  Bill McCammon from Emporia, Kansas called and was building a hot rod 1972 skinny windshield Peterbilt.  The skinny windshield Pete is 8inches lower than a 359 or 379 Peterbilt, thus the name skinny windshield.  Bill stated that the US Government ordered Peterbilt to quit building this style of truck because of the visibility out the windshield.  I remember Jay Bonanni of Volant, PA drove a skinny windshield Pete with a dropped sun visor and he had to keep the top of the hood clean to be able to...

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