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          HIGH PERFORMANCE DIESELS= If you build it right, maintain it, it just might last you a lifetime! 25 years ago, a young man from the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania came into my office and said he wanted to spec out a new Marmon tri-axle logging truck that would carry the loader behind the cab. This truck was to be a 25 year old Nathan Exley’s first new truck. I was 45 years old at the time and had been a Marmon Truck Dealer since 1990. Nathan and I were rookies at building a specialized log truck that will never...

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Welcome owner operators and students! I have never started an article like this, but I was recently informed that some vocational schools are now using these articles to teach their students my way of building diesel engines, which is very flattering. I guess I better clean up my act, so I don’t pollute the young minds reading these words of wisdom. The first two paragraphs of this article were written by our lead Electrical Engineer Ethan, and they pertain to the emissions systems used on the Detroit DD15 and DD13 exhaust systems, which are commonly referred to as “One Box”...

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Rebuilding An Engine & More BY BRUCE C. MALLINSON The Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY is now behind us. The weather was terrible, with snow, rain and cold temperatures, but that did not stop the owner operators and company drivers that were outside with their rigs from putting on a great show. The show trucks were beautiful – every year they just get better. It makes me proud that I have spent my entire adult career in the trucking industry. During the early 1970s I was a judge for ISCA (International Show Car Association) out of St. Clair Shores, Michigan,...

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