2019, DD15 -

                 HIGH PERFORMANCE DIESELS We have good news for the owners of DD15 Detroits, Paccar, and Volvo engines. We have been working with a European company to develop a performance enhancement computer that will add up to 20% more horsepower and 300 plus pound feet of torque.  This is a new product for Pittsburgh Power so the first couple of computers must be installed at our facility in Saxonburg, PA. where we can dyno the truck to verify the horsepower and torque. It will NOT void the warranty on new engines, everything fits under the hood, no holes have to be...

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2019, Catalyst, DD15, Detroit, Emissions, Rebuild -

What is a blown-up engine?  Many times, we get phone calls from owner-operators and they say, “I blew up my engine.”  After a few questions we find out that they scored a liner, blew a hole through a piston, or blew a head gasket.  The term blew up my engine is a harsh term and immediately we think that you broke a connecting rod and now have a large hole in the side of your engine.  Always try to be a little more specific and say exactly what happened to your engine, it will allow us to better help you....

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