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2021, Boost -

For many owner operators the love of performance runs deep in their soul and many times extends into their siblings. Mark Dinslage is one such person, he is 58 years old, owns a 2016 579 Pete powered by an ISX Cummins tuned by the engineering department at Pittsburgh Power. He runs the Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst to keep the engine and emissions system clean of carbon and soot. Mark has 2 granddaughters, Kaiya (14), and Kendyll (11), and they love to go to the drag strip with their grandfather.  In fact they hold up a white sheet which they...

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2020, Boost, Catalyst, Rebuild -

Are you running Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst in your diesel fuel and your Harley Davidson?  If not, you are not doing justice for your engine.  The catalyst will burn 60% or more of the soot and carbon in the combustion chamber and it ignites diesel fuel 33% faster than diesel fuel alone.  Webasto and Espar cab heaters will not have to be cleaned because there will be no soot in the firing chamber. If you work on your truck and must change the exhaust pipes, guess what, you will not get dirty because there is no soot in the...

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2019, Boost, Catalyst, Damper -

            HIGH PERFORMANCE DIESELS Old School Trucking; this article is about old trucks, old ways of driving, turbo boost gauges and pyrometers, torsional dampers and one new product, Mileage Max Fuel Catalysis.   Every day on the telephone I’m amazed at how many owner-operators do NOT know how many pounds of turbo boost their truck can develop, how many pounds of boost it takes to travel across the level highways at their cruising speed, and what happens when the engine is low on turbo boost.  The turbo boost gauge is one of the most important gauges in the instrument panel. If...

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