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2020, Turbo -

Vibrations can break anything. This is a carrier bearing bracket out of Steve Kron’s 10 miles per gallon DD4 Detroit powered truck.  His rear drive shaft was out of alignment and was causing a vibration. As you can see in the picture, the U-shaped bracket that holds the carrier bearing broke and he was lucky he was going slow or a catastrophic accident would have happened. He was one mile from a truck stop, so he took a 2” ratchet strap and criss-crossed it from each side of the frame under the drive shaft to support the shaft to drive...

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2019, Catalyst, Turbo -

We have some exciting news regarding our Max Mileage Fuel Catalyst. We’re now bottling the product ourselves in our shop in Pittsburgh. From now on we should have no trouble keeping up with demand. We can fill five bottles at a time and can produce hundreds of bottles every day. For our Canadian customers in the north, we are working on a distributor in Canada to reduce shipping costs for Canadian orders. For our customers who run through the Midwest, we have a new distributor in McPherson, KS. His name is C.D. Martin and you can call him at 417-850-2830...

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