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For 42 years I have found that owner-operators will tell you the truth about how a product performs on their truck. There is no BS – if the product makes a change, good or bad, they will tell you. Nobody knows their truck better than the man who owns it, drives it, and sleeps in it every day. Over the years, many products have been tested this way at our shop, and I must say, we have been very successful with owner-operator testing. If six owner-operators from different parts of the country, driving different trucks, pulling different trailers all get...

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Many of us who have been in the trucking industry all our lives, and even some younger people, have a fascination for antique trucks.  There’s something special about the rebuilding of “Old Iron,” a Class 8 truck from the mid 1970’s and older. This article will be about a commonly overlooked  problem when installing a newer diesel engine into an older truck. Please keep in mind that the older low horsepower and smaller cubic inch engines do not require a lot of fresh air measured in CFM (cubic feet of air per minute).  The small cam Cummins engines that were...

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