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                 HIGH PERFORMANCE DIESELS         Wouldn’t it be nice if you could purchase a new truck, semi or pickup, of course with a diesel engine and not have the usual emissions-related problems? That has been our goal for the past 6 years and we may finally be there. Our newest product is “Max Mileage Fuel Born Catalyst” (FBC), and when added to the diesel fuel it does two things that directly improve engine performance and improve engine reliability. The first is it increases the burn rate of fuel to allow you to extract as much heat energy as possible from every...

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            HIGH PERFORMANCE DIESELS Old School Trucking; this article is about old trucks, old ways of driving, turbo boost gauges and pyrometers, torsional dampers and one new product, Mileage Max Fuel Catalysis.   Every day on the telephone I’m amazed at how many owner-operators do NOT know how many pounds of turbo boost their truck can develop, how many pounds of boost it takes to travel across the level highways at their cruising speed, and what happens when the engine is low on turbo boost.  The turbo boost gauge is one of the most important gauges in the instrument panel. If...

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What is a blown-up engine?  Many times, we get phone calls from owner-operators and they say, “I blew up my engine.”  After a few questions we find out that they scored a liner, blew a hole through a piston, or blew a head gasket.  The term blew up my engine is a harsh term and immediately we think that you broke a connecting rod and now have a large hole in the side of your engine.  Always try to be a little more specific and say exactly what happened to your engine, it will allow us to better help you....

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