DPF Alternatives


We are proud to announce our partnership with DPF Alternatives!

Experience the high-quality after-treatment cleaning services of DPF alternatives a stone's throw away from our main shop location.

The maintenance and care of the after-treatment system should be at the forefront of every owner-operator's mind. Whether needing to complete a route and squeeze out that last mile or not fully understanding the system, filter maintenance can be forgotten. Make derates and after-treatment breakdowns a thing of the past. Adding a regular filter cleaning to your maintenance plan has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in the long run. A four-stage service station has been installed and is ready to help you achieve this.

If you have questions about this new service and what we can do for your Truck, click on the link above, or call us on (724) 360-4080.


Cleaning and maintaining a DPF properly the 1st time will keep you from extremely costly and unwanted breakdowns. Now more than ever, if you properly maintain the DPF system you can easily avoid catastrophic failures ranging from $10,000 to $30,000. No joke. Don’t be this person. At DPF Alternatives their equipment, process, and proprietary SL100 solution will restore the DPF to OEM spec.

DPF Alternative offers services for many platforms including: Cummins, Volvo, Mack, Detroit, CAT, and much more.


A cleaning service for every budget!

STAGE 1 - AIR-KNIFE: Their base air-only service provides an environmentally safe and competitively priced solution for moderately clogged filters. DPF Alternatives starts every ultrasonic cleaning with this step to remove any loose debris.

STAGE 2 - ADVANCED-REGEN: “Bake”: Their stage 2 Advanced-regen “Bake” service is commonly combined with the Air-Knife process in stage 1 above. this process is an excellent option for regularly maintaining your filter.

STAGE 3 - SOLUTION-FLUSH: Their stage 3 solution-Flush service sets DPF Alternatives apart from other so-called cleaning companies. Combined with their Air-Knife service, Advanced regeneration “Bake”, and their 6 month warranty, this option should be your minimum level of cleaning for any filter.

STAGE 4 - ULTRASONICS: Their ultimate, industry leading ultrasonics allows them to offer you a one year guarantee on the useful life of your filter. After extensive process refinement and testing, they have developed an unmatched cleaning option for filters in every industry. Their ultrasonic cleaning process will bring any functioning filter back to as much as 99% of its useful life; well beyond the industry standard of only 35%.


STAGE 3 Cleaning - 6 Month Warranty

STAGE 4 Cleaning - 1 Year Warranty

STAGE 5 Cleaning service only - When Paired with the Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst, DPF Alternatives promises a Lifetime Warranty!