Remote Tuning & DIAGNOSTICS

Get a Pittsburgh Power Tune near you

Looking to purchase a Pittsburgh Power Tune or in need of diagnostic repair but can't seem to get a load close enough to us? Pittsburgh Power now has a dealer near you! View the map below to see what location works best for you. 

All Pittsburgh Power Dealers are equipped with one of our computers that connect your truck's ECM to our shop in Pittsburgh. We'll work with you to get the best tune for your needs and help you get the power and efficiency you need. Contact your dealer to schedule a tune today!

Tuning Locations

Please check the box below for Remote Tuners. 

Pittsburgh power 

3600 South Noah Dr. 

Saxonburg, PA 16056



Phone: 724-360-4080

8:00AM - 5:00PM EST 



Factory Upgrade


For everyday performance, this tune will give you some "off the shelf" power without any mechanical upgrades. Can increase fuel economy if driven properly. 

Custom Tune

Looking for a significant increase in performance? We'll create a tune that perfectly suits your driving style. Custom tunes pair well with upgraded engines. 

2011 & Newer


For newer Cummins, Detroit, and PACCAR engines. Please call our Engineering team to see if we have a tune available for your application. 

Would you like to become a dealer?

If you're a diesel shop or technician who would like to provide your customers with ECM diagnostics and custom performance tunes, you should consider becoming a Pittsburgh Power remote dealer.  Please give us a call and we'll walk you through the process of becoming a dealer.