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Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst is a liquid fuel additive that directly improves your engine’s combustion and efficiency.

Increase thermal efficiency 

Accelerates the burn rate of all shapes and sizes of diesel molecules so more BTU's of heat are released earlier during the power stroke instead of being wasted as soot and high EGT. Max Mileage increases the thermal efficiency of any engine by 10% on average. 

Burn soot at a lower temperature

Once in the exhaust system, the catalyst continues working by burning soot at a much lower temperature, 750 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 1000 degrees (the normal ignition temperature for soot).

Keep Injectors Clean 

The proprietary formula is supplemented with a fuel injector cleaner that removes fuel injector coking deposits and prevents new deposits from forming. This is critical to maintaining factory-rated fuel economy by ensuring optimal fuel “atomization” and fuel injector spray patterns into the cylinder.


Things you need to know before you begin: You'll need a pair of gloves (Solvent resistant / Nitrile) and measuring device. Be careful not to let the catalyst touch your skin. Please use one of our approved measuring devices or if you want to use your own device, it should be glass or fluorinated plastic. 

Dose at every fuel stop. Once you've filled the tanks, measure out the correct amount of catalyst for each tank. The correct dose is one ounce for every 25 gallons of diesel fuel. Use the back of the bottle for reference. For gasoline engines, the correct dose is one ounce for every 30 gallons of fuel, or one ml per gallon. The catalyst is designed to mix itself. That's it! 


Decrease soot emissions by 60%

Say goodbye to soot related "check engine lights." Stop replacing EGR coolers, EGR valves, DPFs, and maintain them with Max Mileage. If you have a 2007 and newer truck, you can keep your truck legal without sacrificing reliability. 

Extends engine life 

Soot is the enemy of any diesel engine. It's abrasive and harmful to your engine's rings and liners. Max Mileage will lower the soot levels in your oil sample. 

Reduce DEF Consumption

With lower EGT, less DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is used. Yet another way the product more than pays for itself. 

Smoother & quieter engine

Often the first and most noticeable change is a quieter and smoother running engine. You may also feel more power and a quicker response. 

Longer Diesel Particulate Filter Life

Less soot also means your DPF will last much longer requiring only minimal maintenance, saving you time and money. 

Lower Exhaust Gas Temperature 

Increase the life of your turbo, manifold, and exhaust system sensors with lower EGT. 

Fewer regens

With Max Mileage you will notice fewer regens. Wasting fuel and time on regens of all types is not productive for your business.  

May Increase fuel mileage 

Results may vary, but typically after the first few weeks many notice an improvement in fuel mileage due to the more efficient combustion. 



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never worry about your dpf again with a lifetime WARRANTY from dpf alternatives

Pittsburgh Power has partnered with DPF Alternatives to provide our mutual customers with an incredible opportunity. When you have your DPF restored through their proprietary ultrasonic cleaning and maintain your aftertreatment components with Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst you will have an unlimited mileage warranty. This revolutionary program is only possible due to the proven results of Max Mileage’s ability to decrease your soot emissions and keep your emissions system running  clean. Click the logo to visit the DPF Alternatives website for more information and a location near you.


Rolling dynamometer engine testing for fuel economy under controlled conditions. We are pleased to share the results:

*FBC = Fuel Borne Catalyst 

Test results used with permission from Better Diesel FBC, Inc.


The test engine: 2016 Cummins ISX CM2350 set at 550 hp. The fuel treatment began April 2018 with 272,476 miles on the odometer and concluded in late July with 308,218 miles. The ECM had the standard factory program. The truck is a Kenworth W900 “SuperCab”.

The engine test facility:  We (Pittsburgh Power) performed the test for fuel economy using our Taylor chassis dynamometer. Our dyno uses a water brake to control the engine at a fixed rpm and percent load (torque). We also measured the exhaust emissions using a Portable Emissions Measurement System manufactured by Sensors Inc. These emissions measurements were converted to fuel consumption estimates using EPA compliant methods for certifying engine fuel consumption (40 CFR Part 1065). Dyno testing eliminates any influence of external variables on fuel economy such as wind and rolling resistance, driving style, and terrain.

After the baseline testing was complete, the same engine began use of diesel treated with Max Mileage FBC (fuel borne catalyst). The driver noted smoother, quieter engine operation and better pulling power (common feedback from customers). His manually logged baseline MPG was 5.2. The driver noted that fuel mileage gradually increased over the evaluation period. The driver-logged MPG from beginning to end of the 3-month test period was 5.85 MPG. This represents an increase of 13% which included the initial clean-up and conditioning time. The driver-logged MPG for the last 2 months of the test period was 5.94, an increase of 14%. These results are consistent with the dyno results obtained under controlled conditions of rpm and load.

“Return to Baseline” test and repeat: As a check on the driver reported MPG evaluation, we ran a repeat test in which the truck was driven with untreated fuel for ~30,000 miles. This “return to baseline” evaluation began in the fall of 2018 with use of “winter” fuel and lasted for approximately two months. Treatment of the fuel with Max Mileage resumed on Jan. 24, 2019, again using winter fuel, and ended on Mar. 14, 2019. Recorded numbers from the truck owner’s manual fuel log were 2,568 gallons of diesel burned over 14,289 miles driven since he resumed use of treated fuel. That adds up to an estimated fuel economy of 5.5 MPG, significantly higher than the original 4.9 MPG achieved over the previous two-month period. The increase in driver reported fuel economy for this second evaluation was 13%, consistent with previous results obtained with the rolling dynamometer (controlled conditions) and the MPG calculated manually by the owner of the engine from his fuel log.

Do the Math: if you spend $120 per month on the fuel catalyst, you can see that it pays you. If you get an increase in fuel economy of only 2.5 %, then the cost of the fuel catalyst is covered*.*this example assumes 10,000 miles driven per month at 6 MPG and a fuel expense of $3.00 per gallon.



If you have more questions or would like to tell us about your experience with Max Mileage, please send us a message!