Dyno Tuning & Diagnostics

Three dynos to suit your needs

Here at Pittsburgh Power, we have three dynamometers. A large Class 8 chassis dyno for your semi-truck, a pickup truck dyno, and an engine dyno. All three dynamometers were overbuilt to withstand the most powerful trucks. Unlike some shops who rely on chains, our 5th wheel arm attaches to your truck to ensure it's not going anywhere during the pull. 

Our dynos are commonly used for diagnosing mechanical and performance issues. Often customers will visit us with difficult to diagnose problems like a lack of performance, fuel milage, or odd behavior/noises. The dyno lets us see exactly what the truck is doing while driving down the road and can help save you in diagnostic time. We can also help you get the most power out of your truck with our live performance tuning. Our engine dyno is useful for testing out newly rebuilt engines and our pickup dyno will let you know exactly how much power your car or truck is putting to the ground. 

Emissions Testing

Emissions problems are becoming more common with older emissions equipped trucks. We have invested in emissions testing equipment to diagnose, repair, and test your emissions equipment to make sure the truck is functioning properly.


Here are some example dyno videos