Oil Trap Caterpillar Acert w/hard plastic blowby tube
Oil Trap Caterpillar Acert w/hard plastic blowby tube

The Pittsburgh Power Oil Trap catches oil blow-by from the breather tube. It will contain that oil and keep your undercarriage and clean and sludge free. The Oil Trap bolts directly to the oil pan and comes with plastic blow-by tube. Easy installation except you may need to drill holes in the provided bracket. 


* For ACERT Caterpillar engines only 


All internal combustion engines have blow-by, the higher the horsepower, the more blow-by that comes out of the breather tube. On a new engine, the blow-by will amount to about one cup of oil every 20,000 miles. Some of this oil ends up on the street and some of this oil gets on your tires. The majority of it gets stuck to the undercarriage of your truck. In 100,000 miles, five cups of oil have been sprayed to your undercarriage and of course the steering tires kick up the dirt from the road, which in turn sticks to the oil. Now your truck is filthy underneath and when you have to get under there whether for greasing, adjusting the clutch, changing the oil, adjusting the brakes, or repairing a leaking air line, you get dirty. This oil can be caught in a blow-by catch-can we call “the oil trap.” If you want the under carriage of your truck to stay clean.

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