Flashpoint - Diesel Performance Additive + Cetane - 1 Gallon
Flashpoint - Diesel Performance Additive + Cetane - 1 GallonFlashpoint - Diesel Performance Additive + Cetane - 1 GallonFlashpoint - Diesel Performance Additive + Cetane - 1 Gallon
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Do you want the best cetane-based additive for your truck? Then you want Flashpoint by Pittsburgh Power.


Flashpoint protects critical parts of the fuel system while improving power and fuel economy. It will also emulsify water to prevent fuel system failure, increase cetane up to 7 points, increase lubricity, improve cold flow, and clean your fuel system.


For ultimate performance and emissions system protection, use with 

Max Mileage - Fuel Borne Catalyst


What benefits does Flashpoint provide to the engine/fuel?

  • Increases Cetane
    • Cetane is found naturally in fuel and is measured by a cetane number.  Current fuel quality standards in the United States set a minimum cetane number of 40; Europe has a minimum of 51.  Most US fuels have cetane numbers between 40-45.  Diesel engines run best with Cetane between 47-52.  
    • Flashpoint raises the cetane number by up to 7 points, bringing the fuel to the optimal levels needed for the engine to perform best.
  • Disperses Water
  • Diesel fuel attracts and holds water.  This can lead to corrosion, increased wear of fuel systems, loss of lubricity, ice crystals in cold weather, and microbial slime growth.  
  • Flashpoint emulsifies water so that it passes through harmlessly, is vaporized, and is released as steam. The result is that water in the fuel is dispersed uniformly throughout the fuel in micro- or nanoscale particles bonded to the fuel.
  • There are two methods to remove water from the fuel. One is emulsification, and the other is demulsification. Emulsification encapsulates water droplets and passes them through the fuel system to be vaporized and expelled during the combustion cycle.  This is superior for mobile fuel tanks.
  •  Demulsification causes water to precipitate out of the fuel, where it can be separated mechanically by water separators or other means, such as draining the fuel tank. This works better for storage tanks and stationary equipment.
  • Inhibits Corrosion
    • This results from the water disbursement in the engine and fuel tanks.
  • Improves Fuel Economy & Power
    • This is a result of the cetane and other additives in the mixture
  • Increases Lubricity
    • The additive has lubricity agents to assist with engine health and efficiency. Helps with the life of the fuel system.


How is Max Mileage different?

  • It is a catalyst, not an additive.
    • A catalyst’s primary purpose is to increase the combustibility of the fuel.  No other additive will do this, not even Flashpoint.
  • Max Mileage will reduce soot by more than 60%
    • Soot is enemy #1 in engine efficiency and lifecycle.  Other additives have soot reduction as a benefit, but nothing will come close to reducing it dramatically, and no other additive will enjoy the benefits of the drastic reduction.  Most of the Max Mileage benefits come from this fact.
  • Max Mileage reduces the burn temperature of soot the engine produces by 250 degrees.
  • Max Mileage reduces regens
  • Max Mileage reduces DEF usage
  • Max Mileage increases the maintenance intervals on all emission system components.
  • Max Mileage lengthens your emission system component life
  • Max Mileage lengthens your engine life
  • Max Mileage will assist in keeping your fuel tank free of algae
  • As a bonus, Max Mileage is supplemented with a “best-in-class” fuel injector cleaner that removes fuel injector coking deposits and prevents new deposits from forming.
  • The proprietary formula used in Better Diesel FBC is registered on the EPA list of approved diesel fuel additives and is also CARB-certified.