Balancer Caterpillar 3406B/C/E C15-C16
Balancer Caterpillar 3406B/C/E C15-C16

The Pittsburgh Power Mercury Filled Balancer reduces rotational vibration in  crankshafts, rods, pistons, flywheels, and clutches. The mercury filled tube corrects imbalance in the rotating mass, creating a smoother running engine and increasing engine performance, durability, and reduces cab vibrations and noise. Unlike ball bearing balancers, mercury never wears out and is much quieter. This product is included with a Lifetime Factory Warranty. *Does not fit SDP equipped trucks. 

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Note: We recommend changing the torsional/vibration damper with the purchase of a new balancer. The damper should be changed every half a million miles while the balancer is a lifetime part. 

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