Max Mileage Review

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Max Mileage Review

Below is an email I just received from Leland Johnson, President of Johnson Motor Freight Inc. He’s been running his fleet on Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst. I had a phone conversation with him just two days before and asked how he was able to get the drivers to measure the catalyst each time. This chemical is powerful and you DO NOT want to over treat the fuel, 1 oz. per 25 gallons of fuel, 1 cc per gallon of gasoline.  What Leland did was purchase several glass jars that hold 7 ozs of catalyst, enough for 175 gallons of fuel.  His drivers run the same route and purchase fuel at the same stops and get 180 gallons per fill up.  So all his drivers have to do is dump the 7 oz bottle of catalyst into the tank.  Then they bring the empty bottles home and Leland refills them.  Does this take a little effort on his part?  Yes it does. However, as you read further, it saves him gobs of money each week.  Over the past year you have heard from many owner operators how the Max Mileage has helped their engines, emissions systems, Webasko and Espar engine heaters and reefer units. Well, now you get to read what a fleet owner had to say about this great product. 

“Good evening Bruce, sorry about getting back to you so late, it’s been super busy!! Per our conversation with Jane Gates a few days ago I have been using the Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst for the better part of a year and yes the product has saved me gobs of money. My company is a coast to coast refrigerated LTL company that runs all late model Freightliners with DD15’s along with late model Carrier/Thermo King Reefer units. I can not afford to have my trucks sitting in repair shops because of check engine lights, on the sides of the road doing regens, or being derated when trying to get across the country to deliver time sensitive perishable goods. These trucks have to roll 52 weeks a year!  After every trip I would have to take each truck to the Detroit dealer and spend thousands of dollars, and I mean thousands of dollars, just to leave the dealership and still have the same problem just a few miles down the road. I have long standing customer relationships that are decades old and always received nothing but top notch service from my company, but with today’s trucks, I was finding myself feeling as though I was not going to be able to give that same services as I once did. While reading the “10-4” magazine one evening I saw an advertisement for Max Mileage Fuel Catalyst and I figured what do I have to lose, so I ordered a 5 gallon pail. Well much to my surprise once I started using the product I was completely caught off guard by the results! The check engine lights went away after the first trip to the West Coast and back!! All of my trucks stopped having to regen multiple times a day. I no longer needed to take my trucks to the local Detroit dealership after each trip to have some sort of sensor changed, or forced regen, or whatever part they seemed to think needed to be changed in the emissions system. Now as a regular practice, before my trucks leave my shop they have enough individual bottles of Max Mileage to be put in during each fuel stop from the time they leave upstate NY and head to the West Coast and back. Each of my drivers is well versed in adding the Max Mileage each time they fuel and they know how important it is to my business and I can’t thank them enough for taking that time to add it when fueling.  As a side note we also add it to all of the Reefer units when fueling as well. So as a year is about to go by since I started using this amazing product, all of my trucks idle smoother, fuel mileage is up, overall response is better, no more check engine lights, and no ridiculous trips to the Detroit dealership. To date only one truck has been back to the Detroit dealership to have a NOx sensor replaced and a tuneup! In closing it’s great knowing that I can continue to offer great service to my customers just as they have always received and not have to be concerned about emissions breakdowns. It’s great to feel dependable 365 days a year again! Thank you Jane and Pittsburgh Power for the Max Mileage Fuel Catalyst.”

Leland C. Johnson


Johnson Motor Freight Inc

Summer is almost here and now is the time to put 1 cc of Max Mileage per gallon of gasoline into your Harley Davidson motorcycle.  After 16 miles you will have a smile on your face. If you have a 6 speed transmission and are cruising at 65 mph or more you will be reaching for a 7th gear because of the extra torque the engine develops with the catalyst.  Also the Harley will pull down to 1200 RPM and with a slight twist of the throttle it will accelerate.  No more coughing through the carburetors or injection system.

If you’re in the Washington D.C. or Baltimore area, Bayard Galey is your local Max Mileage dealer. Bayard is a good friend of ours and the owner of Bayard Construction. Give him a call at (240) 417 0898.  If you’re on the West Coast traveling the I-5 between Portland and Seattle, stop and grab a gallon of Max Mileage from Lynn Paul (253) 670-0739. Either one of these dealers will meet you at a nearby truck stop. 

It cost $0.07 cents per gallon to treat the fuel with Max Mileage, or about $1500.00 per year.  Sounds like a lot of money.  Well, I spend over $3,000.00 per year to take care of my body so I can continue to have a good quality of life and be able to help you.  One of our remote tuners in Lubbock Texas is called “Healthy Trucks are Wealthy Trucks”.  Think about that name, the healthier your truck is, the more money it will make for you and cause you less aggravation.  If you always squeeze the nickel then you and your truck can’t stay healthy.  The Max Mileage Fuel Catalyst will keep the engine and entire emissions system clean and healthy.  Three-quarters of all the service work in truck dealerships are emissions related and now you can eliminate that type of breakdown by using the catalyst. An investment of $1500.00 per year in Max Mileage is peanuts if you are staying out of the shop.  Ask yourself, what does one day of downtime cost you because of not hauling freight, plus $125.00 per hour labor, plus parts?  One day costs you more than the price of the catalyst for one year.  Your life will be so much easier and better if you maintain your body and your truck.

Written by;

Bruce Mallinson

Pittsburgh Power Inc.

3600 S. Noah Dr.  Saxonburg, Pa. 16056


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