Max Mileage, Jane Gates, Long Haul Custom Detailing.

2020, Catalyst -

Max Mileage, Jane Gates, Long Haul Custom Detailing.



There is a saying “Dare to dream and go for it”.  If you would have told me 5 or 6 years ago we will be able to make the 2011 and newer DPF, EGR, and DEF equipped diesel engine trouble free in 2019 I probably wouldn’t have believed you.  However, when you and your crew have the never give up attitude and never accept the “CAN’T” word amazing things can happen. For the past decade the electrical engineering team at Pittsburgh Power have been studying, cleaning, and rebuilding emissions systems and have been very successful in diagnosing and repairing these complex systems.  About 4 years ago we developed “Dorothy”, which works like a Dyson vacuum cleaner in the EGR tube bringing cleaner exhaust back into the intake manifold. The Dorothy will remove the majority of the soot before it goes into the combustion chamber. Then in 2018 I met Jane Gates at the Louisville Truck Show and had a very informative conversation with her. The following week the engineering team at Pittsburgh Power was testing Jane’s Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst on a 2015 W900-L Kenworth powered by an ISX Cummins.  Ethan was the lead engineer on the project and after 2 long days and many dyno runs with the Symtec emissions analyzers and the fuel mileage management system connected to the ISX Cummins, the results were stellar. With some catalyst in the diesel fuel, a 14% increase in mileage was obtained. However, the greatest improvement was the NoX was decreased by 30%. Jane Gates is a 60 year old chemist with a Bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and a PHD in chemical engineering. To accomplish this one must spend a lot of time in college, spend a lot of money, and be very smart.  Jane has been developing Max Mileage FBC for the past 12 years. There are a couple owner-operators out there that think they are smarter than Jane, forget it guys, it’s not going to happen, this woman is beyond intelligent.

Think of a crankshaft turning a full circle, 360 degrees. Of those 360 degrees, it typically takes 15 degrees of crank rotation to ignite diesel fuel. With Max Mileage this number is reduced to 10 degrees, or 30% faster.  The burn is hotter, faster, power and torque are increased, the engine runs quieter, and the temperature to burn soot and carbon is reduced for 1000 degrees to 750 degrees. The end result is 60% less soot and carbon in the exhaust keeping the combustion chamber, exhaust valve, VGT turbocharger, EGR valve, EGR cooler, and the DOC and DPF filter much cleaner. All it takes is 1 oz. per 25 gallons of diesel fuel and 1 gallon treats 3200 gallons of fuel. 

DPF Cleaning, this is the next phase of keeping emissions equipped trucks running perfect and Pittsburgh Power employees are building their own system.  We have been looking at the various cleaning systems for the past 3 years and will be incorporating what we consider the best of all the systems into our own.  In fact, we have started cleaning the DPF filters so when your truck is in our shop for other work, we will be able to clean your DPF filter and save you several hundred dollars.  We will incorporate this into the Diesel Force cleaning so the forced regen after the Diesel Force will not be necessary. Do you remember the song “I did it my way” by Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, well that is how we do it at Pittsburgh Power, our way.  Just look at our Dragon that holds the trucks on the chassis dyno that is “Our Way”.

More good news, we purchased the building across the street from shop and it is being rented by Long Haul Custom Detailing and their work is beautiful.  The building sits on 4.6 acres so if our lot is full, please feel free to park across the street. Along with detailing and polishing of aluminum they will have polishes for sale along with chrome items.  You are welcomed to walk across the street and admire their work and ask questions. Rick and Sue are the owners and love to talk about truck detailing. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please give them a call at (724) 524 1933.  Late next September they and Pittsburgh Power will be hosting a truck show in the parking lot and for a minimal charge your truck can be run on the dyno, however the dyno is rated for about 1000, so nothing over that HP. There will be more information in the coming months about the truck show.   

We would like to give everyone an update on our dealer network consisting of 69 remote tuners and 52 catalyst distributors across the US and Canada. To see the dealer maps, visit our website and the remote tuning map is on the “Remote Tuning” tab and the catalyst map is on the “Max Mileage Fuel Catalyst” tab. We’re adding new dealers every week, so check it often. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, please give us a call. Our remotine tuning dealers are also wonderful resources for truck repairs and diagnostics. So if you can’t get to Pennsylvania, try giving one of them a call. 


By Bruce Mallinson 

Pittsburgh Power Inc.

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