Size matters!

Size matters!


Some customers will come to us and ask, “why do I need a new intake manifold on my ISX? Isn’t stock good enough?” The short answer is, yes, the stock intake manifold is perfectly adequate… If you’re looking for stock performance! At Pittsburgh power, we offer the FullTilt manifold for ISX that will fit the 2011 to 2019 models, but what’s the big difference, I hear you say? The difference is in the way the manifold is manufactured. I did not believe the differences until we had a side-by-side comparison come into the shop.

A customer had just removed his stock manifold and brought it in for us to inspect. While inspecting the intake, we brought a FullTilt manifold out of curiosity and took a couple of pictures for reference. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, I believe that to be true. Simply by looking at them side by side, you can see a substantial difference in the manifold porting, almost half an inch. Not only is there now a difference in the amount of air reaching the cylinders but there are also additional measures taken by FullTilt to make sure that all cylinders get an equal amount of air as well as increase the velocity of that air. When being compared, you can distinctly see that the stock manifold is designed in such a way that lowers the efficiency of the engine. It is designed to make the airflow travel to the back of the manifold and return to reach the front two cylinders. Full Tilt has rectified this by adding an internal fin that reflows the air to reach all of the cylinders equally. With this design, FullTilt has increased efficiency by lowering restrictions and increasing the amount of clean air reaching the engine. During dyno testing has shown a reduction in emissions and potential increases in mileage and horsepower.

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