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OPS's technology goes beyond traditional fluid cleaning systems by effectively removing both solid and liquid contaminants. The OPS family of fluid cleaning products significantly reduces the need for routine maintenance, enabling users to dramatically cut maintenance costs, extend equipment life and significantly reduce their environmental impact.


We are thrilled to announce that Pittsburgh Power has acquired OPS - Oil Purification Systems. 

For almost 10 years we have been a dealer and distributor for OPS and have sold and installed hundreds of Eco-Pur systems to satisfied customers. OPS has a great reputation for reliable products and good customer service. Like Pittsburgh Power, OPS was created to serve the Owner-Operator and commercial fleet community through increasing operating efficiency. OPS will soon join our collection of high quality products all designed to make life better for the Owner-Operator truck driver. 

OPS manufacturing and warehousing will be moved to Pittsburgh Power’s location in Saxonburg, PA. We will continue to supply the exact same products you know and love from OPS with the same high quality standards. Over time, we will observe customer feedback and will consider making improvements as well as adding compatibility with new truck models. 

Since we are already equipped to sell and install OPS products, we are more than able to handle all your OPS needs. For OPS related sales or service inquiries, please contact Pittsburgh Power. For current OPS customers we will continue to provide oil sample consultations. 

If you have questions or feedback specific for the OPS Eco-Pur system, please contact us at (724) 360-4080 or email ops@pittsburghpower.com. 


The Pittsburgh Power Team 

Above: Kevin Rutherford, host of "Let's Truck" radio show on the OPS-1 Eco Pur system. 


Maintaining your equipment is a significant expense for your organization. But reducing your oil costs doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. The Eco-Pur™ system is a patent pending technology, easy to install, onboard fluid cleaning system that continuously removes both the solid and liquid contaminants from engine oil, allowing your engine to run with clean oil 100 percent of the time. The Eco-Pur™ is the first and only supplemental filtration system to utilize state of the art electronic controls to continuously optimize the cleaning process to remove contaminates from the lubricating oil of an operating engine. This process includes high efficiency filtration, a patented evaporation process, and electronic controls to optimize and maintain the cleaning process.


OPS is the only company with the technology to allow flexible product configurations based on the operating and contamination profile of your equipment. Your OPS representative will work with you to understand your business and operational requirements. Based on this collaborative effort a customized plan will be developed just for you. Your plan will include:

  • Review of your current preventive maintenance practices and your desired goals
  • Comprehensive return on investment analysis to determine all your savings, both hard dollar and environmental benefits
  • Establish the specific filter size to meet your objectives
  • Creation of a lube sampling and analysis program designed to allow you to:
  • Safely extend oil drain intervals
  • Identify opportunities for optimizing filtration performance
  • Minimize downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures
  • Migrate to a truly condition based oil maintenance program
  • Regular reviews to ensure benefit realization


The OPS Eco-Pur™ has undergone rigorous design standards and extensive laboratory and field testing to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance. In development and testing for over 12 months the Eco-Pur™ already has millions of miles and thousands of hours of proven performance. This coupled with extensive third party environmental testing is representative of the OPS commitment to always deliver an exceptional customer experience.

High-Tech Head Unit

 State of the art electronic controls continuously optimize the cleaning process to remove contaminates. 

World Class Filter

The Synthetic Micro Glass filter will filter the oil down to 3 micron. The filter is  94% efficient and 33% of water is removed per pass.

Quality Fittings & Lines

 Long lasting and corrosion resistant fittings are paired with high density lines made to last. 

OPS-1 Eco Pur System Starter Kit - Pittsburgh Power



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Top frequently asked questions about the OPS Eco-Pur system

What is the difference between the Eco-Pur and standard full flow filters? 

Standard full flow filters will filter out particulates in the 10-40 micron range, while the Eco-Pur filter will remove particulates down to 3 microns. The Eco-Pur Evaporator removes liquid contaminates that create acid, oxidation, sludge, and dilute oil. The Eco-Pur system refines the oil by removing all contaminants to maintain oil quality and extend additive package life. 

Isn’t the Eco-Pur just another by-pass system?

No. By-pass filter systems have been around for years and for the most part, do a good job removing solid particulates to extend oil life and improve engine protection. However, the oil is still susceptible to the effects of liquid contaminates, corrosion, oxidation, lubricity loss, and sludge. The Eco-Pur goes beyond traditional by-pass filter systems by adding an evaporator that removes the liquid contaminates and extends the useful life of additive packages. 

What harm do liquid contaminants pose to an engine? 

When water mixes with sulfur and heat, acid is formed. Water will also emulsify oil. This reduces lubricity and oil’s ability to properly cool engine components. In addition, water will increase oxidation rates, causing rust and additional wear to engine components. Diesel fuel mixes with oil and thins oil out, reducing viscosity and oil effectiveness. 

What effect does the Eco-Pur have on engine life?

The tolerances between key engine components are damaged by solids in the 10-20 micron range that become trapped between rings, cylinder walls, and bearings. This causes grooving and excessive wear. The Eco-Pur removes these particles and heat retention will keep gaskets, components, and vital parts from premature failure. 

Does the Eco-Pur have any effect on the fuel injection system? 

Modern engines have hydraulically controlled fuel injectors that use motor oil to open and close injectors. The effectiveness of injector operation is negatively affected when the oil is contaminated and oil properties are not consistent. Injectors that do not open or close to specifications will alter fuel to air mixture, thus lowering power and leaking raw fuel into the cylinder, wasting valuable fuel. Keeping the oil free of solids and liquid contaminants maintains proper oil properties. 

Why do I need an on-board refining system to remove liquid contaminants? Isn't engine oil is hot enough already?

Engine oil does create sufficient heat to evaporate liquid contaminants, however, to evaporate completely, the water, diesel fuel, and glycol must be brought to the surface. The oil in the reservoir is in constant motion during operation, which emulsifies water and mixes the diesel fuel and glycol, trapping them in the oil. When vehicles are stopped, the oil will come to the surface, trapping water, diesel fuel and glycol below. Even if the liquids would evaporate they would be contained within the engine block, condensing when the engine cools, and returning to oil. 

Can the ECO-PUR™ cause a drop in oil pressure that might affect engine performance?

No. The standard rate of oil flow required for the ECO-PUR™ to work effectively has little to no effect on oil pressure. The system is designed to maintain pressure until the oil enters the ECO-PUR™ Evaporator and before returning to the oil reservoir. 

How will the ECO-PUR™ affect the oil additives?

When the contaminants are removed from the oil, the additive package remains intact, as there are no diesel fuels washing down oil, acids forming, oxidation, foaming, nor a need for detergents and coagulators to remove particulates less than 20 microns etc. Without water and acid, oxidation does not form. That allows the neutralizers and chemical packages to remain unused. The ECO-PUR™ filtration removes particulates sized 3 microns and above, making it unnecessary for coagulators and detergents etc.The oil sample results will confirm the availability and usefulness of the additive package to ensure the engine receives proper protection from oil. Bear in mind, engines will burn oil and require topping off, this will help to replace additive package as well.

What happens to additive packages manufacturers add in their oils to maintain viscosity, reduce wear, prevent oxidation, foaming and corrosion, disperse solids, and keep surfaces free of deposits, when oil drains are extended?

The additive package formulated into modern oils to improve viscosity, neutralize acid, eliminate corrosion and oxidation, to keep oil clean, and, to prevent foaming, is depleted during normal engine operation as oil becomes contaminated with solid and liquid contaminants. Extending oil change intervals without an on board oil refiner will lead to depletion of the additive package, resulting in damage to the engine. The use of an on board oil refining system allows for the extension of oil drain intervals by removing the root causes of the damage causing conditions, for which the additives are intended to provide protection. 

Will the installation of the ECO-PUR™ affect the manufacturer's warranty? Doesn't the engine manufacturer require oil changes to keep the warranty enforced?

No, installation of the ECO-PUR™ does not affect the manufacturer's warranty. There is a common misconception that engine warranties will be voided if oil is not changed at periodic mileages recommended by manufacturers.The obligation of the engine owner is to properly maintain the oil quality to lubricate the engine. The engine manufacturer will not honor a warranty claim if oil is not within guidelines and specifications. Changing oil does not guarantee a warranty claim will be honored.The ECO-PUR™ will maintain oil quality within guidelines for extended periods. and the oil sample results will provide a written record of oil quality. The engine manufacturer will request an oil sample to evaluate the oil quality to ensure the engine was not abused by failure to maintain adequate oil volume, overheating, intentional abuse etc, before they will approve claim. Changing oil on a periodic basis does not prevent this type of damage, and the claim will be declined. Sampling requirements may vary by engine manufacturer. OPS suggests that our customers consult with OEM for specific information.