Max Mileage - Fuel Borne Catalyst
Max Mileage - Fuel Borne CatalystMax Mileage - Fuel Borne CatalystMax Mileage - Fuel Borne CatalystMax Mileage - Fuel Borne Catalyst

Max Mileage is a liquid Fuel Borne Catalyst additive for diesel fuel that directly improves combustion and engine efficiency. Max Mileage enhances fuel combustion to increase fuel economy and cleans soot from the DPF while you're driving. Enjoy more power, smoother, quieter engine operation, fewer active regens, and dramatically lowered soot emissions. The catalyst is able to clean the exhaust system and DPF by burning off soot at a much lower exhaust gas temperature. When combined with Dorothy EGR filter, your soot problems will be a thing of the past. 



Maximize fuel economy (Our testing shows 3% to 10% increase)

Fewer DPF regens

Decreased DEF usage

Decreased soot related mechanical failures 

Prevents fuel injector deposits

Smoother, quieter running engine


Other Information 

Lab tested / Field proven

EPA registered / Made in USA

Can be used on any diesel engine including diesel equipped pickup trucks and passenger cars. 

One gallon treats 3,200 gallons of diesel

* No returns or refunds for this product

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