Diesel Force Complete Engine Cleaning
Diesel Force Complete Engine Cleaning

The Diesel Force Maintenance Program is a revolutionary cleaning system designed exclusively for diesel engines equipped with modern emissions systems. Powerful products work together for comprehensive cleaning results. This program will significantly reduce filter regeneration and emissions system component failures.



  • Decreases unscheduled down-time
  • Significantly reduces replacement part costs
  • Removes particle buildup from EGR and Induction System
  • Cleans the EGR cooler, reducing intake air temperature
  • Scrubs the DOC and DPF, reducing regeneration cycles
  • Increases turbo speed and boost, which increases efficiency
  • Smooths rough idle and improves performance
  • Cleans differential pressure sensor ports and grid heaters
  • Extends engine life

Price: $1,625 plus an oil change. Any check engine lights will need repaired prior. Comparable with most semi-trucks and Ram Cummins 6.7. Please call to schedule your appointment. 

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