Pat Sharp, BigCams and 435-B Cats

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Pat Sharp, BigCams and 435-B Cats


We love antique trucks. Everyday we get phone calls from owner operators rebuilding older trucks powered by Big Cam Cummins and 425-B Caterpillar Engines.  I am happy to tell you that our mechanic Dan is a 425-B Cat expert not only on the engine but the fuel system as well. He tells me he can rebuild the fuel pumps blindfolded. Fortunately, 425-B Cat parts are still available and we build 30% larger nozzles and high-performance turbochargers for this great engine along with rebuilding the timing advance and fuel pump governors. Please keep in mind that the timing and governor weights are only good for 500,000 miles and then need replacing.

Big Cam Cummins Engines: as you may know, between me, Pete, Brian, Pat, and Shawn we have 161 years of experience with building these engines for performance. Plus, we have all the parts in stock and build our own fuel pumps and injectors. Pat Sharp has been with Pittsburgh Power for 36 years and builds our pumps and injectors. It’s safe to say he has built more PT Cummins fuel pumps than anyone in the history of this engine. All our pumps and injectors are custom built for you and the performance you desire from your engine. For the DIY Big Cam owner, we can supply the parts for your rebuild and we are here to answer all of your questions.


The rebuilding of a 359 Pete extended hood, by owner operator Joe Bukoski.  This 1985, 359 Pete was found in the weeds and purchased for $8,500.  It is a Saturday work project for Joe and his son. Once completed it will be Joe’s summer work truck, and his 2017 579 Pete will be the winter truck.  It may get repowered with a 3406-E Caterpillar built and installed by Pittsburgh Power. The electrical engineering team at Pittsburgh will be responsible for all of the wiring and whatever is necessary to convert a truck from a mechanical engine to an electronic engine. His son-in-law recently repainted the hood as a sneak peak of what is to come. We will be talking about this truck during the months to come as this project progresses. 


If you own a newer Paccar truck, it may be equipped with the Collision Mitigation System. Many new trucks are coming with these systems, whether you want them or not. They can be effective in avoiding accidents and the radar cruise control can make driving in high traffic less stressful. However, as many owner-operators have experienced, these systems are not infallible. We’ve had drivers tell us the radar system has trouble with overpasses.  It can sometimes brake unexpectedly for an overpass you are about to drive under. We have heard they have trouble telling the difference between shadows and solid objects. If you have one of these radar systems and have issues with it, Ethan in our Engineering Department can repair it for any Paccar built Cummins truck 2019 and older. We have the capability to repair mechanical babysitters as well. If you’d like to repair your Collision Mitigation System or ECM babysitter, please give us a call to schedule an appointment. 

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Written by; Bruce Mallinson, Andrew Wilson

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* Joe Bukoski’s 1985 359 Pete pulled from the weeds