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Fleet Air Filters
Fleet Air Filters

  • FleetAir Filters reduce vacuum produced between the air filter and the turbo
  • Improves fuel mileage and increases horsepower

  • Increases turbo boost

  • Easy to Clean

  • Fast return on investment

    Ever wonder what happens when that air restriction gauge maxes out? Well, your turbo starts to create a vacuum between the compressor wheel and the air filter. The turbo compressor fins start to spin at higher then normal rpms because they run out of air to bite into. This then causes the turbo bearing to experience a larger then normal thrust load due to pressure on the exhaust side and a vacuum on the intake side. The lower boost pressures cause pyrometer temperatures to climb and the lack of air can cause the truck to smoke. Smoke is unused power and your money going out the stacks. These air filters can help prevent this type of thing from happening. This is more of a problem for trucks with internal air cleaners. If you have a truck with internal air cleaners keep an eye on that air restriction gauge!

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